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Modern analytics, deep learning and artificial intelligence are progressing our understanding about avenues for development. New web-based technologies and tools are enabling better insight to support development interventions across the globe. These new tools are not only more agile, robust and cost efficient but also produce better understanding and more reliable insights about key development interventions. These new tools are setting and supporting in recognizing the development impact across the globe. To unlock the potential of these new tools we need to adequate digital innovation to transform the ways we produce, preserve, practice and promote data. Our monitoring, evaluation and research functions are increasingly adapting to new technologies for optimum results, while ensuring better value for money

Who Are We ?

Anthro Insights is a social enterprise focused on driving development innovations through modern analytics, business intelligence and digital solutions. We invest in harvesting smart data driven solutions for evidence-based research, performance management and decision support mechanisms to ensure optimum outcome for initiatives

Anthro Insights under its Fempower project aims to strengthen the ability of Women Legislators of National and Provincial Assemblies to undertake Post Legislative Scrutiny (PLS). The one year long Legislative Effectiveness Program will support women legislators in increasing government follow up on laws and accountability; provides avenues for inclusion and enhances the role and standing of women at parliament. Strengthening PLS can help women legislators establish their presence, articulate their viewpoints, gain, and exercise authority as a legislator and ensure implementation of women related laws

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Our Technology Can Better Identify Poor And Vulnerable

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Digital Access Can Foster Equality

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Predictive Analytics Can Eradicate Hunger

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Technology Can Ensure Responsible Environmental Behaviour

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