Education Laws Mapping - Balochistan
JurisdictionTypeYearName of LegislationPromulgation DateDepartment
BalochistanPolicy2020-2030Balochistan Education Sector Strategy 2020-20302020
BalochistanPolicy2017-2022Balochistan Education Policy 2017-2022
BalochistanPlan2013-2018Balochistan Education Sector Plan 2013-2018
BalochistanAct2023The Balochistan Daanish Schools and Centers of Excellence Authority Act, 2023 , 2023Wed Mar 01, 2023School Education Department
BalochistanAct2022The Balochistan Education Foundation (Amendment) Act, 2022 , 2022Thu Oct 27, 2022 School Education Department
BalochistanAct2022Bln Dev and Supervision of Curricula, Txtbooks and Maintenance of Strds of Education, Act, 2022 , 2022Mon Nov 07, 2022School Education Department
BalochistanAct2022The Bln Pvt Educational Institutions, Registration, Regulation and Promotion Act, 2022 , 2022Fri Oct 07, 2022School Education Department
BalochistanAct2020The Balochistan Seized and Freezed Institutions (Madaaris and Schools)Act, 2020 , 2020Mon Nov 09, 2020School Education Department
BalochistanAct2019THE BALOCHISTAN BOARDS OF INTERMEDIATE ANDSECONDARY EDUCATION ACT, 2019 , 2019Fri Oct 25, 2019School Education Department
BalochistanAct2019THE BALOCHISTAN ESSENTIAL EDUCATION SERVICESACT, 2019 , 2019Mon Aug 26, 2019School Education Department
BalochistanAct2018THE BALOCHISTAN ASSESSMENT AND EXAMINATIONCOMMISSION ACT, 2018 , 2018Wed Jun 13, 2018School Education Department
BalochistanRules2015The Balochistan Free and Compulsory Education Rules 2015
BalochistanAct2014THE BALOCHISTAN COMPULSORY EDUCATION ACT, 2014 , 2014Thu Feb 06, 2014School Education Department
BalochistanRules2014Balochistan Education Department Service Rules, 2014
BalochistanRules2012The Balochistan Private Educational Institutions (Registration and Regulation) Rules 201221-Oct-15
BalochistanRules2005Balochistan Private Educational Institutions (Promotion and Regulation) Rules 2005
BalochistanRules2005Balochistan School Education (Departmentalization) Rules 2005
BalochistanAct1994THE BALOCHISTAN EDUCATION FOUNDATION ACT, 1994 , 1994Thu Sep 08, 1994School Education Department
BalochistanOrdinance1983THE BALOCHISTAN MODEL REDSIDENTIAL SECONDARYSCHOOLS ORDINANCE, 1983 , 1983Sat Nov 19, 1983School Education Department
BalochistanOrdinance1981THE BALOCHISTANEDUCATION PROJECTS(IMPLIMENTATION AND REGULATION) ORDINANCE,1981 , 1981Sun Jul 19, 1981School Education Department
BalochistanOrdinance1981THE BALOCHISTAN LITERACY AND MASS-EDUCATIONCOUNCIL ORDINANCE, 1981 , 1981Thu Jun 04, 1981School Education Department
BalochistanOrdinance1979THE BALOCHISTAN STUDENTS WELFARE FUND ORDINANCE,1979 , 1979Sun Feb 18, 1979 School Education Department
BalochistanRules1978Balochistan Public Service Commission (Functions) Rules, 197818-Dec-95
BalochistanOrdinance1977THE BALOCHISTAN TEXT BOOK BOARDORDINANCE, 1977 , 1977Thu Nov 17, 1977School Education Department
BalochistanOrdinance1977THE BALOCHISTAN BOARD OF INTERMEDIATE AND SECONDARY EDUCATIONORDINANCE, 1977 , 1977Mon Nov 07, 1977School Education Department
BalochistanOrdinance1970THE BALOCHISTAN LOCAL COUNCILSHIGH SCHOOLS (TAKING OVER)ORDINANCE, 1970 , 1960Mon May 30, 1960School Education Department
BalochistanOrdinance1970THE BALOCHISTAN PRIVITE COLLEGES(MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL)ORDINANCE, 1970 , 1970Thu Jun 25, 1970 School Education Department
BalochistanAct1970The Balochistan Local Councials High Schools (Taking Over) Ordinance, 1970 , 1970 Sat May 30, 1970School Education Department
BalochistanOrdinance1969THE BALOCHISTAN BOARD OF INTERMEDIATE ANDSECONDARY EDUCATION (QUETTA)ORDINANCE, 1969 , 1969Thu Oct 16, 1969 School Education Department
BalochistanOrdinance1960THE BALOCHISTAN GOVERNMENT EDUCATIONAL ANDTRAINING INSTITUTIONSORDINANCE, 1960 , 1960Wed Apr 06, 1960School Education Department