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Social enterprise focused on driving development innovations

Anthro Insights is a social enterprise with a vision to foster people-centric legislation, policies, programs, and initiatives through better data regarding social behavior. Our mission is to equip democratic and public institutions with tools, technologies, research, and innovation that can bring in the unheard voices of the people in the system and allow them to practice participatory and true democratic values. We collect information about social behavior, perceptions, awareness, culture, and approaches to find solutions for complex issues deep-rooted in society and convert these into insights for key political and policy leaders, donors and NGOs to address through better laws, policies, budgets, development initiatives, and transparent accountability systems. These systems in return harness efficiency, effectiveness, and optimum impact for society with a lasting change.


Anthro Insights is an innovative organization with the aim of combining modern data techniques with development approaches and harnessing better evidence to support sustainable social change. Our recent work includes:

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