Post Legislative Scrutiny

Anthro Insights is supporting National and Provincial Assemblies in carrying out Post Legislative Scrutiny (PLS) of laws related to climate change, women and person with disabilities.

Parliaments play a role in creating and altering laws and monitoring their enforcement and effectiveness. Implementation can be complex and may not occur automatically, and parliaments may not have adequate information on the outcomes of laws. Thus, it is important for parliaments to establish methods to efficiently oversee legislation enforcement.

Post-Legislative Scrutiny (PLS) is an important tool for ensuring government accountability. It is recognized as an integral part of the legislative cycle; it is emerging as a new dimension within the legislative and oversight role of parliament.

Anthro Insights supported National Assembly, Standing Committee on Climate Change in conducting PLS of Environmental Protection Agencies Acts.

Anthro Insights supported Women’s Parliamentary Caucus of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly in conducting PLS of Acid and Burn Bills

Anthro Insights supported Women’s Parliamentary Caucus of National Assembly in conducting PLS of Inheritance Laws

Training 120 Women Parliamentarians on PLS

Anthro Insights delivered a GAC funded project Fempower to train 120 women parliamentarians of National and Provincial Assemblies on Post Legislation Scrutiny (PLS). Under this project Anthro Insights has supported parliamentarians in increasing government follow up on laws and accountability; provides avenues for inclusion and enhancing the role and standing of women at parliament. Strengthening women parliamentarians on PLS has helped women parliamentarians to establish their presence, articulate their viewpoints, gain and exercise authority as a legislator and ensure implementation of women related laws.

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