Support to Acid and Burn KP WPC – Working Group

Anthro Insights has been providing support to the KP WPC Acid and Burn working group in conducting post-legislative scrutiny of the Acid and Burn bill. As part of this process, a series of consultations were organized with key stakeholders, including representatives from the social welfare, health, law, and police departments. These consultations aimed to gather a multi-stakeholder perspective on potential challenges for the implementation of the acid and burn law, as well as to gather recommendations for its improved implementation.

Based on the input and recommendations received during these consultations, Anthro Insights supported the working group in drafting amendments to the bill. The final draft was then presented to the Deputy Speaker of the KP assembly, Mr. Mahmood Jan, who expressed his support for the bill and requested that the social welfare department take ownership of it. Mr. Mahmood Jan appreciated the work of the working group and Anthro Insights and showed his support in presenting the bill in the House. The meeting was organized on 10th January 2023 and was attended by the Deputy Speaker, members of the working group, and representatives from the KP social welfare department.