Anthro Insights under its Fempower project aims to strengthen the ability of Women Legislators of National and Provincial Assemblies to undertake Post Legislative Scrutiny (PLS). The one year long Legislative Effectiveness Program will support women legislators in increasing government follow up on laws and accountability; provides avenues for inclusion and enhances the role and standing of women at parliament. Strengthening PLS can help women legislators establish their presence, articulate their viewpoints, gain, and exercise authority as a legislator and ensure implementation of women related laws

Women Legislators will be trained on PLS
0 +

National and Provincial Assemblies Forum

Young Parliamentary Fellowship Program
1 Months

Legislative Effectiveness Program
would cover three tiers of audience

Women Legislators

Women Legislators would receive five 2-day workshops on PLS in which 120 women legislators from federal and provincial assemblies would be invited. Women MPs would be able to conceptually understand the concept and principles of PLS as well as the approach and utility of the same. The course would include knowledge sharing sessions, interactive exercises, templates, and formats relevant to PLS. 

Secretariat and PIPS staff

Secretariat staff would receive a 2-days training aimed on PLS covering methodologies for conducting PLS and assisting the MPs for the same. This aims to foster better collaboration among secretariats and legislators on PLS while strengthening the capacity of the secretariat on PLS.

Young Parliamentary Fellows (YPF)

Young Parliamentary Fellows (YPF) would be hired at federal and provincial assemblies to learn and work among the women parliamentary leaders. The Young parliamentary fellowship (YPF) will be offered in collaboration with local universities and Secretariat, the fellowship aims to attract youth with technical abilities to work with women legislators. YPF will also receive an in-depth training on parliamentary system and process and the PLS.

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