A multifaceted Evil

The evil of cyber crime prevails in this age of social media and globalization when the world has shrunk to the screens, and everything is just a click away. Today, cyber crimes have surpassed illegal drug trafficking as a criminal money making. The facts depict that every three seconds somebody’s identity is stolen because of …

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Harassment at Workplace

Anyone could be subject to sexual harassment though in culture and society like Pakistan mostly women are victims of such harassment. Harassment in any society or organization is a testament to regressive behavior that creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating, and offensive environment that has a devastating effect on any society or organization by adversely …

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Degradation of Fisheries in Pakistan – A Climate Concern

A total of 80% of Pakistan’s coastal population engages in fishing, and it is an important source of economical development that is constantly evolving over the course of years. In the late 1960, fishing fleets were motorized and in present era, there are large fishing vessels fitted with freezing facilities operating in both coastal and …

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