Anthro Insights Acknowledged by the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus for Exceptional Technical Assistance

Islamabad- 9th August, 2023 – Anthro Insights was recently recognized for its exemplary technical assistance to Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (WPC). The acknowledgment came from the Secretary WPC, Dr. Shahida Rehmani, and its esteemed members during a significant gathering.

The Women’s Parliamentary Caucus stands as a beacon for women’s rights, operating as a cross-party forum for Women Parliamentarians. This unique forum is leveraged to raise the voice of the women of Pakistan, irrespective of their political affiliations. The WPC’s primary objective is to spotlight and address issues specifically concerning women.

To celebrate the conclusion of the National Assembly of Pakistan’s tenure, a special meeting was held. During this meeting, Dr. Shahida Rehmani, on behalf of the WPC, presented shields to the Anthro Insights team members. The team includes Mr. Waqar Ul Shams (Head of Innovations), Mr. Zeeshan Hussaind (Legal Head) and Ms. Ammara Kalsoom (Program Officer). These shields were a mark of gratitude for the unwavering technical assistance that Anthro Insights has extended to the WPC. Their commendable efforts have immensely contributed to enhancing inter-provincial coordination and have also played a pivotal role in areas of legislation, research, and IT.

This acknowledgment by the WPC underscores the commitment and dedication of the Anthro Insights team in upholding the highest standards of research and development and in fostering collaborations that positively impact society at large.

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