Collaboration to promote skills education for girls

Islamabad – 27th April 2023 – Anthro Insights, recently met with the Ambassador for Girls Education, Ministry of Education, Ms. Wajiha Qamar. During the meeting, both parties discussed potential collaboration to support the National Skill University in promoting skills education for girls and connecting them to relevant industries.

The proposed partnership seeks to empower young women by providing them with access to quality skills education and career opportunities, ensuring their active participation in the workforce. With Anthro Insights’ expertise in market research, data analysis, and strategic solutions, and Ms. Wajiha Qamar’s commitment to advocating for girls’ education, the collaboration aims to create a lasting impact and contribute to the country’s socio-economic development.

Ms. Wajiha Qamar, Ambassador for Girls Education, shared her thoughts on the potential collaboration, stating, “Working together with Anthro Insights, we can create new opportunities for girls by supporting the National Skill University in its mission to provide industry-relevant skills education.”

The Head of Innovations of Anthro Insight, Mr. Waqar Ul Shams, also expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “We are excited about the possibility of collaborating with Ms. Wajiha Qamar to promote skills education for girls and connect them to industries, empowering them to contribute to the nation’s growth.”

Both parties look forward to exploring this collaboration further and working towards a shared vision of enhancing opportunities for girls in skills education and industry engagement.