Webinar on World Environment Day 2022

Anthro Insights in collaboration with Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak EPA) organized a webinar on World Environment Day 2022 theme ‘Only One Earth’. Mr. Mujtaba Zaidi from Anthro Insights started the webinar with the recitation of the Holy Quran. He welcomed all the guests and highlighted the need to focus on various problems affecting our earth and environment including increasing pollution, water, and food scarcity, heat waves, rising temperature, and sea level. To live sustainably in harmony with nature, the involvement of Pak EPA with community participation and public support is necessary. He, then, introduced the panelists and called them to share their views.

DG EPA (Federal) Ms. Farzana Altaf welcomed all the members and appreciated Anthro Insights and WFD for arranging such a lucrative webinar. She emphasized how important it is to generate awareness about climate change because only then we can all sit together and find a solution for the sustainable development of our country. She reiterated the fact that media channels are the main source for spreading the word about environmental challenges so that citizens can contribute responsibly to overcome this issue.

Civic Engagement Expert Mr. Zafarullah Khan explained how the population on earth is rapidly increasing. Our earth has a limited capacity and sooner or later the resources are going to diminish if no sustainable action is taken. According to him, the capacity can be increased if changes were to be made in our consumption patterns and development models. The way we consume energy is affecting our planet and the only solution is to strike a balance in everything.

Professor Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan highlighted the need to focus on including environmental security that curtails water security, food security, and energy security in our foreign policy. Environment Journalist Mr. Ali Jabir explicated that we have to spread awareness in a way that not only reaches those who have access to all the resources but the common man as well because he/she is the one affected by the deteriorating environmental conditions.

A Q/A session was also conducted where the panelists enthusiastically answered the questions from members including students, researchers, and CSOs. Mr. Mujtaba Zaidi officially closed the webinar and thanked everyone for celebrating World Environment Day together.