Meeting with Working Committee on Acid and Burn, WPC KP

A meeting of the working committee on the Acid and Burn Crimes Act 2021 was conducted on September 13th, 2021 in the WPC Conference room. The meeting was chaired by MPA Ayesha Naeem. In the meeting Mr. Zeeshan Hussain, Legal Advisor Anthro Insights gave a detailed presentation on practices that are followed by other countries for the deterrence of this crime. He also discussed the punishments for this crime and mentioned the reasons why people commit crimes worldwide, the most commonly seen 3 main reasons are a rejection of marriage, demand for dowry, and sexual-related jealousy. The most important point he highlighted in his presentation was how other states are facilitating their victims (survivors). MPA Asia Khattak added that government should have a rehabilitation plan in the law to support survivors initiating their small Scale businesses or jobs. Chairperson Ayesha Naeem suggested that the definition of a person with a disability should include disability caused by Acid and Burn and the survivor must be facilitated according to the disability law. Furthermore, the organization will provide a list for consultations with the committee members.

The chairperson also agreed to send an official request letter to support Anthro Insights in supporting Acid and Burn working committee.